Peregrine Master Association Assessment Dues


Per Year

The Peregrine Master Association (PMA) assessment dues for 2019 are $400.00 per year, per home.

Invoices are issues on 1st December for the following year, and owners have the option to make a one time payment of the entire assessment before the start of the year on January 1st, or make two equal payments (first payment due January 1st, second payment due July 1st).

Trash Collection


Per Year

Bestway Trash Collection and Recycling fees for 2018 are $171.60 per year, per home.

Electronic Payments

An Electronic Payment system is available, homeowners need to register their account on revopay.com to make electronic payments of Association Dues.


Contact the PMA’s accounting service Balanced Bookkeeping at 719-593-9811 with any questions and to obtain services.