2021 Survey Results

2021 Peregrine Survey results

2021 Survey Summary for Peregrine Residents

The 2021 Peregrine survey was designed to provide the opportunity to gather the opinions and suggestions of residents and property owners within Peregrine. These surveys are conducted every other year and use this valuable information to help guide our decision making.

We received 375 responses, which was the highest amount we have received from our community surveys so far. We had a 100% completion rate and the average amount of time spent on the survey was 10 minutes, 40 seconds. Overall, we received a lot of positive feedback on the initiatives set forth by the Board of Directors. We also received a good amount of feedback regarding areas of improvement and will use this information to shape our future plans for the community.

Thank you again to our residents that took the time to provide this extremely valuable feedback. We have used this information to shape our 2022 Annual Budget, as well as the projects that we will focus on in the coming years.

We appreciate your continued support as we work to maintain Peregrine as a Premiere Mountainside Community.

If you have any questions or concerns that you’d like to discuss further, please contact any board member or Derek Patterson (Derek@zandrmgmt.com) with Z & R Property Management.