2019/2020 Annual Meeting

2020 Peregrine Annual MemBership Meeting

2020 Annual Meeting: Handouts and Presentations

The Meeting was held on Wednesday evening, November 13th at the Mount Saint Francis Auditorium and attended by over 100 Peregrine residents.  Our Colorado Springs District 1 Councilman, Mr. Don Knight; the City Traffic Engineer, Mr. Todd Frisbie, and CSFD Wildfire Mitigation Coordinator Ms. Ashley Whitworth were also in attendance. 

Several presentations were delivered:
Peregrine Master Association Financials 2019/2020 were delivered:
  • The Association’s EOY financial reports for 2019 are available here:  2019 Financials
  • The Association’s 2020 budget is available here:  2020 Budget

2020 Board of Directors - Election Results

Mr Andrew Bird, the current President of the Peregrine Master Association was re-elected to serve a 2nd three year term.

Mr James Richards, the Association’s current Secretary and chair of the Infrastructure and Landscaping Committee withdrew his option to step down from the Board after 2 years exceptional service and will continue to serve into the third year of his term.

The third open Directors position was not filled at the meeting, and the Board will now look to recruit a candidate that can be appointed into the Treasurers role vacated by Mr James Medley leaving the Board after 4 years excellent service.

The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Peregrine Master Association was held on
November 13th, 2019 at 6:00pm to 7:30pm in the
Administration Building “auditorium”on Assisi Heights.

Budget Meeting, Oct 9th 2019

The 2020 Budget Meeting presentation is available at: Budget Meeting