Dane Juarez

Vice President

Meet Dane Juarez

Us at Clearwater wedding 2017
Functional Lead:
Covenant Compliance Committee
Term: 2020

I have been a resident of Peregrine since moving back to Colorado Springs in June of 1999. My wife, Penny, and I originally moved to Colorado Springs in the late 1970s and have lived here since then with the exception of 7 very hot and muggy years in Florida. I came to Colorado Springs from the San Francisco Bay Area to work at HP and have stayed in the high-tech Telecom industry since then. When I first retired in late 2014, I had been working as the GM of Sales for North America for a small startup company. I found I could only stay retired for a short time so in 2016 I found myself selling to and working with Wireless phone companies here in the US and in other countries in Europe and the Middle East. My job required many days traveling around the US, Canada, and the globe, so I am glad to have my feet on the ground here in Peregrine. Penny and I are active members of First Presbyterian church where we both have had leadership positions and are now serving as Deacons. We have 4 children stretching across the US from California to Wisconsin and are grateful to have some close by in Fort Collins and Cheyenne, WY. All together our children have blessed us with 5 grandsons.

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