Peregrine Newsletter – January 2022

Peregrine Newsletter – January 2022

Peregrine Newsletter – January 2022

Welcome to our January 2022 Peregrine Newsletter! Our goal is to provide general neighborhood information and updates that will help build our Peregrine community.

In this newsletter you will find:– Peregrine Storm Clean Up – After the wind storm– Safety & Security – Blodgett Open Space– Fire Mitigation  Two chipping events planned for 2022– Friends of Peregrine Parks – A neighborhood volunteer opportunity– 2022 Board Meetings – Next meeting on Feb. 9– Upcoming Important Dates You can find further information on our Peregrine Master Association website.

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After the Wind Storm
Clean up efforts
On Dec. 15, 2021, an incredibly strong windstorm blew into Colorado Springs and Peregrine. Within our neighborhood, there were dozens of downed trees, roof damage, and broken vehicle windows. While homeowners assessed damage and are working to remove trees and have their roofs inspected, the Peregrine Master Association acted quickly to assess damage on HOA property.The Peregrine HOA maintains 72 acres within our neighborhood. Some of this acreage is landscaped, such as along the W. Woodmen Road corridor, while other portions are left in a natural state. The neighborhood identified 8 large evergreen trees that fell during the storm on the HOA property. A couple of these also impacted the fence along W. Woodmen Road between Vantage Drive and Kittridge Drive entrances. Derek Patterson at Z & R Management worked rapidly to schedule vendors for work even before the wind stopped blowing. The large, downed Colorado blue spruce trees were removed within two weeks. When some of the trees fell, they upended the rock pillars and broke sections of fencing. The fence work is ongoing, but should be completed by mid-February depending on weather.The Board is grateful for the quick tree removal for the HOA-owned property. We also understand that removing trees and fixing roofs after the storm is an ongoing process complicated by the fact that the entire city saw similar devastation and all are trying to get a limited number of contractors to perform the work. Thank you for your effort to clean up your property after the storm.

Safety & Security UpdateBlodgett Open Space

The fire in the Pike National Forest next to Blodgett Open Space was a reminder of why we are working so hard to keep our community safe. The Peregrine Master Association has been actively striving to secure our neighborhood and discourage negative behavior in our area. We sent an email to the community with details of our efforts (12/31/21), but here is a glimpse of some of the things the HOA has been working on this year:•    Our community received notification of approval from the City of Colorado Springs for the installation of 5 new street lights near Blodgett Open Space on W. Woodmen Rd.•    Our HOA is working with both the City of Colorado Springs Police Department and the City Parks Department to install gates at the entrances to Blodgett Open Space. •    We encourage you to be vigilant and to contact the City of Colorado Springs Code Enforcement if you see someone parked overnight on any of our streets. •    The Peregrine Master Association will continue offering both Colorado Springs Police Department patrols and ASI Security patrols with an increased emphasis on the open space area. •    The Safety & Security Committee, led by HOA Board Member Steve Garcia, will continue to work extensively with the City on issues related to patrols, fire safety, and general traffic issues along W. Woodmen Road (along with other areas in the community). The Peregrine Master Association Board encourages your participation in our community and welcomes your feedback. We are re-establishing our Neighborhood Watch program and looking for volunteers who would like to serve as block captains for this program. If you are interested and want to learn more information, please contact [,]Michelle McArthur and [,]Steve Garcia. Also, please consider attending our monthly board meetings and contact your Board members with concerns/feedback.If you see something that appears out of the ordinary, please call the CSPD non-emergency number at (719) 444-7000. We look forward to working with all of our residents on solutions to these critical issues.

Peregrine Fire Mitigation2022 Chipping Events Scheduled

The Colorado Springs Fire Department has announced its 2022 Neighborhood Chipping Program dates. In Peregrine, we are fortunate to have two events scheduled again for this year. The dates are:– Chipping Event #1 – May 23 – June 5– Chipping Event #2 – Oct. 10 – Oct. 23New this year, CSFD has restructured the chipping schedule to be in two-week blocks. Chipping will occur during the two weeks following the listed date. This means that instead of getting all of the chipping done in a single week, they will now be doing it over a two-week period. For example, for the first chipping event you will need to have your piles out by 8 a.m. on Monday, May 23 and chipping will occur anytime between May 23 – June 5. Reminders:

  1. Online registration for our Neighborhood Chipping Program is now active. You can register at any time for either event.
  2. Please keep in mind that you must sign-up if you want your piles chipped. If you do not sign-up, your piles will not be chipped by CSFD. They have been somewhat lenient on this process in the past but due to the expansion of this program, they are no longer allowed to pick up piles that have not been registered appropriately.
  3. Piles need to be within 5’ of the road, stacked in 5’x5’x5’ dimensions with cut ends facing the road. You can do as many piles as you want, but you can’t do a single, 20’ long pile of slash. CSFD will not chip that.

Rules and guidelines are all available on the CSFD Chipping Flyer. Further details will be provided, as available

Friends of Peregrine Parks & Open Spaces
Neighborhood Volunteer Opportunity
The Friends of Peregrine Parks & Open Spaces is a volunteer organization of Peregrine-area residents who perform general upgrades and maintenance on the trails of Blodgett Peak Open Space and the Ridgeline Trail directly above Woodmen Valley Park. We work in coordination with the Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Department. Our activities include installation, repair, and clearing of natural and wood-block water barriers and culverts, installation and repair of wood or natural (rock) steps, grass seeding of hillsides and runoff areas, and clearing of trailside brush. The Friends of Peregrine Parks is also excited to begin a new program this summer called “Weed Warriors”. Join your neighbors and receive training on how to identify and correctly eradicate noxious weeds in our neighborhood. Look for dates and more information soon.The Friends group normally schedules Open Space workdays on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 8 -11 a.m., approximately May through September, and we are always looking for new volunteers.  Adults of all ages are welcome, as well as children over 12 if they are accompanied by an adult. We put out notices of work days and activities on the Nextdoor (Peregrine) website, and via e-mail if you are a member of the Friends group. If you are interested in joining and helping, as well as getting worthwhile exercise in our beautiful outdoors, please contact:Gary Moring, or 719-505-6807.


Peregrine Board Meetings
Taking part in your community

We have announced the dates for the 2022 Peregrine Board MeetingsBoard Meetings are typically held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. Board Meetings are held at Fire Station 18 at 6830 Hadler View, behind Walgreens near the intersection of Centennial Blvd and Flying W Ranch Road.

In 2022 the Board Meetings are scheduled on Feb. 9, Mar. 9, Apr. 13, May. 11, June 8, July 13, Aug. 10, Sept 7 and Oct 5. Please verify the meeting time/date for all months on the published agenda emailed several days before each meeting.

The Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 6 p.m. at the Auditorium at St. Francis (7665 Assisi Heights).

We encourage you to attend these meetings and listen to the current issues of the neighborhood. We post the agenda prior to each meeting and the meeting minutes afterwards on our Board Meeting page. We welcome your attendance and participation in our governance.


Upcoming Dates/Information

Save the Date

– Feb. 9, 2022 – February Board Meeting – 6 p.m. – St. Francis Auditorium – 7665 Assisi Heights– Mar. 9, 2022 – March Board Meeting – 6 p.m. – Location TBD– May 23 – June 5 – Neighborhood Chipping Event #1See all Peregrine Events here

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