Peregrine Newsletter – July 2022

Peregrine Newsletter – July 2022

Peregrine Newsletter – July 2022

Welcome to our July 2022 Peregrine Newsletter! Our goal is to provide general neighborhood information and updates that will help build our Peregrine community.

In this newsletter you will find:
– Friends of Peregrine Parks – Upcoming work day Saturday, July 23
– Community Event – Music in the Park
Community Event – Rescheduled Movie in the Park
– Fall Chipping Program
– Fire Mitigation Projects:
Peregrine Master Association
– HOA Covenants: Take a second look
– Safety & Security Update – Neighborhood Watch & volunteers

You can find further information on our Peregrine Master Association website.

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Friends of Peregrine Parks – Collaborative Trail Day

Join your neighbors and meet new friends at a collaborative park work day on Saturday, July 23.  The US Forest Service Pikes Peak Ranger District and the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services are sponsoring a special work day in Blodgett Open Space from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. This special event will restore two areas on the boundary of the USFS Pike National Forest and Blodgett Open Space that have seen significant damage from cut-through traffic and off-trail use. Wear closed-toed shoes, bring water and snacks, and be ready to make a positive impact on the trail! Register here:×3589.

The Friends of Peregrine Parks works with the City of Colorado Springs Parks department to maintain and improve the parks in our community. Become a part of this active group by contacting Gary Moring The group completes several park projects during the summer months and welcomes new members.


    Fall Chipping Program: Sponsored by the Colorado Springs Fire Department

As a fire-wise community, Peregrine is excited to partner with the Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) for our second chipping event of the year. The community chipping begins Monday, Oct. 10-Monday, Oct. 24. To participate, residents must register with the CSFD before the start of the event. If you do not register, your piles will not be taken. In our Spring chipping event, more than 200 Peregrine homes participated! It’s an excellent opportunity to clear branches and dead trees from your lot. Register for the event here:


Fire Mitigation Projects: Peregrine Master Association

The Peregrine Master Association budgeted $10,000 for fire mitigation in our community this year. Board Member Steve Garcia met with the fire department to identify four Peregrine-owned Common Areas to mitigate this fall. The Board has also applied for matching funds from the 2D TABOR initiative, which was approved by voters in 2021 and provided $1 million in fire mitigation funding for Colorado Springs each year. The funding is distributed through grants to neighborhoods and organizations that are in the Wildlife Urban Interface (WUI). Funding would supplement the amount already provided by the Peregrine Master Association and allow for even greater mitigation efforts.

The Peregrine-owned spaces identified for mitigation this year have either never been mitigated or were mitigated over a decade ago. These Peregrine-owned common areas are located directly behind or next to residences. Residents living next to these areas will be notified prior to the beginning of mitigation. For questions, please contact Board Member Steve Garcia at


HOA Covenants: Take a second look

All Peregrine residents know they are responsible for abiding by the Covenants of our community, but sometimes the Covenants, rules and regulations seem confusing. If you are contemplating a new landscaping project, paint color, or need to know what to do about your neighbor’s barking dog, please contact our Z&R Property Manager, Derek Patterson, at He can answer questions and help navigate the process. Have a question or concern that you would like addressed by the Board? You can always email any Board Member, the Covenant Compliance Committee, or the Architectural Review Committee Members of the Board and committees volunteer their time to work on neighborhood issues. We welcome your suggestions.

Recently, there have been many questions from residents regarding residential landscaping. Poor weather adversely affected several lawns, and residents have been asking how to proceed. Peregrine requires that all landscaping changes be submitted for review by the ARC, which will generally communicate a response within one week (often sooner). The short submission form is available here:

This year, more residents have expressed an interest in Xeriscaping their yards. According to our Covenants, there is no percentage of grass required within the yard, only that the yard melds well within the community. Xeriscaping within the community has been approved and successfully completed numerous times. If you are interested in pursuing this option, a visit to the free demonstration garden maintained by Colorado Springs Utilities on Mesa Road may be a great place for ideas on plants, rocks, and mulch that works in our region. Please remember that all changes must be approved by the ARC prior to beginning the project.


Neighborhood Watch: Needs You!

The Peregrine Neighborhood Watch program will launch this Fall, and it needs you to participate! The program is connected with the Colorado Springs Police Department and provides current information to the neighborhood regarding numerous ways to deter crime. Please get in touch with Board members Steve Garcia or Michelle McArthur to add your name to the list!


Upcoming Dates/Information Save the Date

– July 23, 2022 – Friends of Peregrine Parks work day, Blodgett Open Space
– Aug. 5, 2022- Music in the Park- Woodmen Valley Park
– Aug. 10, 2022- Peregrine HOA Board Meeting, Fire Station 18 at 6 p.m. 

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