Photo Contest Results

Hello Peregrine Neighbors! 

After many weeks of photograph submissions and voting, the Peregrine Spring Fling Photo Contest has ended with over 180 photos from over 50 photographers of all ages.  

Photos were submitted across five categories:

    • Landscapes
    • Wildlife and Wildflowers
    • Family, Kids and Pets
    • Wild Card 
    • Budding Photographers (age 12 and under)

To ensure a fair competition, the Peregrine Spring Fling Photo Contest Committee reviewed the number of votes and rating for each photo regardless of the skills of the photographer or the equipment used.  If similar shots were submitted or if a tie occurred, the  Committee deliberated on the uniqueness and artistry of each photo to make an award decision.  In all awards, the decisions of the Committee are final and not subject to change.

 And now, it is with great pleasure that the Peregrine Spring Fling Photo Contest winners are: 

Overall Winner - The Brothers

Congratulations to Janet Blasig

Catagory Winners


Double Rainbow

1st – Debra Scharf

Sunrise Wakes the Deer

2nd- Julie Andrews

Snowy Tree

3rd – Brenda Lichlyter

Wildlife & Wild Flowers

First Kiss

1st – Zita Quentin

Peregrine Hawk – Landing

2nd- Greg Brand

Peregrine Welcomes the Hummingbirds 

3rd – Brenda Lichlyter

Family, Kids & Pets

Winter with Willow

1st – Mary Harding

Girl Talk

2nd- AK

Dog Tired after the Blodgett Hike

3rd – Jeffrey Scharf 


Engelbert Schmid Horn & Sheet Music

1st – Scott Selberg

Thunderbirds Surprise

2nd – Greg Brand

Land of Liberty

3rd – Peter Harding

Budding Photographer

First Light on Peregrine

1st – Sierra Winslow (age 9)

Dad & Son

2nd- Johanna Selberg (age 7)

Spring in Bloom

3rd – Melanie Burnett (age 11)

Spring Fling Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery includes all of the fantastic images submitted by the talented Peregrine photographers in the contest.  Roll over and click on any image to expand the picture.  The images will randomize every time the page is opened.