Governing Documents

The Peregrine Master Association is a covenant-protected community governed by a Board of Directors. The Governing Documents include the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, Protective Covenants of Peregrine, any Rules, Resolutions, etc. The Declaration is recorded under Reception 01658858, Book 5462, Page 500 at the Clerk & Recorder’s Office in El Paso County, CO.


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Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations, updated
September 1, 2021

Rules and Regulations for Peregrine

Rules & Regulations, ARCHIVE

Rules and Regulations Documentation Archive

Articles of Association, Bylaws & Resolutions


Defines the purpose of the Association

Bylaws as amended

Defines the bylaws including member voting rights, meetings, Directors, actions and activities

Board Attendance of Officers and Directors

Defines Board meeting attendance and removal of an Officer/Director

Increase Board Members to Seven

Increases the number of Directors of the Board from 5 to 7


Defines Board Terms at 3 years, staggered rotation, and vacated seats.   


Protective Covenants of Peregrine

Original Peregrine Covenants adopted to preserve the beauty, quality of life and the desirability, attractiveness and value of property in Peregrine

Supplement to Protective Covenants for Peregrine Filing #1

Defines uses of Lots, building site, restrictions & provisions plat book C-4 at page 80

Supplement to Protective Covenants for Peregrine Filing #2

Defines uses of Lots, building site, restrictions & provisions plat book C-4 at page 77

Supplement to Protective Covenants for Peregrine Filing #3

Includes Peregrine Filing #3 as part of Peregrine and subject to all provisions of the Covenants

Supplement to Protective Covenants for Peregrine Filing #4

Includes Peregrine Filing #4 as part of Peregrine and subject to all provisions of the Covenants

1st Amendment to the Protective Covenants for Peregrine

Defines assessment commencement on developed lots

Supplement to Protective Covenants for Peregrine, Alpine Glen Filing #1

Includes Alpine Glen Filing #1 as part of Peregrine and subject to all provisions of the Covenants

Amendment to the Protective Covenants of Peregrine

Approval required for short term rental of less than six months; prohibition of marijuana and illicit drug distribution; prohibition of commercial or business use of Lots that adversely affect the community.

Avigation Easement, Air Force Academy(AFA)/Peregrine

Provides for the use of airspace above Peregrine by the AFA airmanship program, and protects the AFA against noise and other effects of AFA operations


Adoption and Amendment Procedure

Adoption of a uniform and systematic procedure to amend and adopt policies, procedures and rules.

Reserve Funds Operation & Management Policy

Reserve Fund policy and procedure

Collection Policy - updated

Adoption of a uniform and systematic procedure regarding collection of assessments and other charges.

Committee Communication Policy

Policy and procedures for committees and committee members communicate with homeowners

Inspection and Copying of Association Records Policy

Adoption of a uniform policy and procedures for the inspection and copying of Association records.

Covenant Compliance Policy - updated

Adoption of a uniform and systematic policy to address covenant and rule enforcement.


Adoption of a uniform and systematic policy to address conflicts of interest.


Adoption of a uniform and systematic dispute resolution policy and procedure.


Adoption of a uniform and systematic policy and procedure to address conduct of Board and
Member meetings.

Document Retention & Destruction policy

Adoption of a uniform and systematic policy and procedure regarding the destruction and retention of documents related to the Peregrine Board of Directors. 

Short Term Rental

Guidelines for Rental Permit - less than 6 months

Resolution - Rental Permits

Short Term Rental Permit form - less than 6 Months


Submittal Form - Architectural Review Committee

Request Form - Commercial or Business Use

Short Term Rental Permit Form - less than 6 Months

Lawn and Garden

Peregrine is situated on a beautiful mountainside location on the edge of a national forest replete with the flora and fauna of wild Colorado.  In order to blend in with the natural beauty surrounding us, we must ensure landscape initiatives and projects befit the environment in which we are so fortunate to live.  The Landscaping Committee focuses on common area rejuvenation, beautification and irrigation to maintain the visual aesthetics of our neighborhood.  The underlying tenet of all our landscape initiatives is water conservation and the reduction of supplemental water requirements from irrigation.  Maintenance and upkeep of our “intelligent” irrigation system and the introduction of xeriscape initiatives throughout all common areas will help us to reduce our need for water.  As we further revitalize “visually tired looking” areas of Peregrine, upgrade outdoor infrastructure and enhance our natural setting, the goal is to increase the quality and value of our neighborhood so that residents can enjoy the great outdoors knowing the landscaping team is focused on conserving resources and investing wisely.

The Common Areas in the community are taken care of by Unlimited Landscape Services, Inc. If you see problems with the mowing, sprinkler issues, etc., please let Z & R know.

Friends of Peregrine Parks & Open Spaces

LThe Friends of Peregrine Parks & Open Spaces is a volunteer organization of Peregrine-area residents who perform general upgrades and maintenance on the trails of Blodgett Peak Open Space and the Ridgeline Trail directly above Woodmen Valley Park. We work in coordination with the Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Department. Our activities include installation, repair, and clearing of natural and wood-block water barriers and culverts, installation and repair of wood or natural (rock) steps, grass seeding of hillsides and runoff areas, and clearing of trailside brush and noxious weeds.

The Friends group normally schedules Open Space workdays on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 8 – 11 a.m. of each month, from approximately May through September, and we are always looking for new volunteers.  Adults of all ages are welcome, as well as children over 12 if they are accompanied by an adult. We put out notices of work days and activities on the Nextdoor-Peregrine website, and via email if you are a member of the Friends. If you are interested in joining and helping, as well as getting worthwhile exercise in our beautiful outdoors, please contact: Gary Moring, or 719-505-6807.

Colorado Springs Fire Department & Police Department

CSFD - 2021 Burn Restrictions

The Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) has issued a Burn Restriction Order 2021-R1, effective September 13, 2021 at Noon (MDT):

Due to current drought conditions, arid vegetation, and increases in grass fire occurrences on undeveloped areas of Colorado Springs, and decreases in local, State of Colorado, and national response resource availability, Colorado Springs Fire Department, by and through its Division of the Fire Marshal, determines measures necessary to heighten fire hazard awareness and further reduce fire risks in order to protect health and safety are essential. Therefore, effective at noon (MDT), on September 13, 2021, Burn Restriction Order 2021-R1 goes into effect and will remain until rescinded.

CSFD - Wildfire Mitigation


The objectives of the Colorado Springs Fire Department Wildfire Mitigation Unit are to:

  • Create awareness of wildfire risk in the city’s wildland-urban interface (WUI)
  • Deliver mitigation information that assists homeowners in reducing their risk
  • Work in stewardship with neighborhood organizations to reduce wildfire risk and increase the standalone survivability of structure

Noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds are invasive and a threat to the beauty of residential and common area landscapes across Peregrine. The top 3 that need ongoing attention are the Common Mullein, Canada Thistle and Diffuse Knapweed, all three will multiply by 10’s & 100’s spreading across your and neighboring yards, parks and common areas. Over the last few years we have been somewhat successful in slowing the invasion of the Common Mullein and Canada Thistle, but the Diffuse Knapweed is quickly becoming the most widespread of these noxious weeds. Download the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s facts sheets which will help you identify these weeds, and describe how to eradicate them. 

We’re all responsible for our own yards!  Rules and Regulations, Page 17 Landscape maintenance:  The minimum maintenance requirements include……  the elimination of noxious and other weeds and undesirable grasses on the Lot to include the joints at the street and sidewalk areas.

Common Mullein
Canada Thistle
Diffuse Knapweed

Community Programs and Events


05aug6:30 pm8:30 pmMusic in the Park – Woodmen Valley ParkMusic in the Park

10aug6:00 pm8:00 pmBoard Meeting – Peregrine Master AssociationAugust Board of Directors Meeting


07sep6:00 pm8:00 pmBoard Meeting – Peregrine Master AssociationSeptember Board of Directors Meeting


05oct6:00 pm8:00 pmBoard Meeting – Peregrine Master AssociationOctober Board of Directors Meeting

10octAll Day232022 CSFD/Peregrine Neighborhood Chipping Program #2Peregrine Neighborhood Chipping Event


16nov6:00 pm7:30 pmPeregrine Annual Membership Meeting 2022

24nov8:30 am10:00 amThanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

What is ARC?

Architectural Review Committee

Peregrine Master Association is a covenant-controlled community.  Any building plans, architectural (i.e. paint colors, decks, roof, additions, or any other exterior changes to your home) or landscape changes must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) prior to having any work done.

Rules & Regulations

Current Rules and Regulations regarding architectural guidelines and process

ARC Submittal Form

Form to submit your request to the ARC.


Sample Submittal Form

Download this form to submit your request to the ARC.