Rules and Regulations Updates – May 2019

Rules and Regulations Updates – May 2019

Peregrine is the Premier Mountainside Community recognized in Colorado Springs as a very desirable location where all our residents enjoy a high quality of life.  Ensuring Peregrine continues to thrive and to protect the investment made by homeowners, Peregrine benefits from being Covenant controlled community.

The Covenant Compliance Committee (CCC) was formed in June 2018 to advise and assist the Peregrine Master Association in ensuring compliance of all Association rules either detailed in the Protective Covenants (PCs) or the Rules Regulations(R&Rs).  The committee currently has four members, from across the community and its primary goals are:

  • Ensure the compliance process is consistently applied and addresses Peregrine’s requirements over the coming years as our demographics change and technology evolves
  • Make the R&Rs easier to read and structured so homeowners can quickly find answers to questions
  • Verify that the evolving R&Rs maintain consistency with the Protective Covenants

Revisions to the R&Rs have been ongoing throughout this year and will probably continue into next year.  The first two of many revisions are detailed below, and you should expect to see additional notices of revised clauses the coming months.

The Rules and Regulations document, hosted on the Peregrine Master Association website, will always be current with all changes as they are published. You can find the updated R&Rs at  All Peregrine Master Association formal documents are available at


Rules and Regulation Updates – May 2019


VI       Maintenance,  B. Owner Responsibility

PC’s, Article I, Section 104

  1. All maintenance equipment, lawn mowers, trimmers, wheel barrow, ladders, landscaping or gardening supplies, toys, canoes, boats, small trailers, and other personal items shall be stored in an enclosed garage or an ARC approved enclosed storage unit or accessory structure, so they are not visible from neighboring properties or adjoining streets. No items are to be stored on the side of a garage or under rear decks.
VIII.    Parking and Vehicles

PC’s, Article I, Section 102 (d)

A. Overnight Parking

Overnight parking on any public or private streets within Peregrine will not be allowed except in areas which may be specifically designated by the ARC.  Overnight parking is defined as a vehicle parked on the street at any time between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am.

B. Vehicle Repair

No cars or motor vehicles can be worked on for mechanical repairs within Peregrine, except in fully enclosed areas where they are not visible from any adjacent property or street.    Oil changes, brake replacement, fluid changes or other more involved vehicle repairs are not permitted unless inside an enclosed garage.

C. Recreational Vehicles

Parking of towed recreational vehicles (boats, trailers, campers, etc.) is only permitted within fully enclosed structures or within areas specifically designated by the ARC for parking of recreational vehicles.  The ARC shall have the right to move any recreational vehicle parking sites to different locations if it determines that is advisable.  All forms of trailers (small utility, garden, recreational trailers such as those used for ATV or Jet-Ski’s, sail boats, canoe, kayak, etc.) are to be stored inside an enclosed garage, except for the purpose of unloading, loading and/or trip preparation.  Trailers are not allowed to be left in the driveway or parked on the street overnight.

D. Inoperative Vehicles and Junk Vehicles

No stripped down, partially wrecked or junk motor vehicles, or sizeable part thereof, shall be permitted to be parked anywhere within Peregrine except within fully enclosed garages.

No junk equipment which is visible to the occupants or users of any street within Peregrine will be allowed.  A junk vehicle is described as any vehicle that is inoperable or not able to be moved under its own power, that has flat tires, broken glass, has expired registration, failure to display the proper license plates, or otherwise damaged to a point where the vehicle cannot be driven or is leaking fluids.

The Board will make the final determination if a vehicle is considered a junk vehicle. All vehicles shall meet local noise requirements; automobiles and motorcycles must have mufflers in good working condition. Vehicles must be properly maintained and not create a disturbance or annoyance to others.

E. Vehicles and Parking / RV’s

All vehicles must be parked so as not to inhibit traffic or damage surrounding natural landscape.  Vehicles shall not be left on community roads overnight and will not be parked on landscaped areas or on sides of driveways that are not designed for parking.  The ARC may designate, at time of plan review or during construction, specific areas for parking of construction workers vehicles and/or equipment.

No boat, trailer, recreational vehicle, camper (on or off supporting vehicles), fifth wheel unit, tractor, commercial vehicle, mobile home, motor home, any towed trailer unit or truck shall be parked overnight on any street or upon any driveway located upon a Lot except in a completely enclosed building such as a garage unless permitted by the following exception: Motor home – recreational vehicles may occasionally (not more than 6 times per year) be parked on a driveway area or street for up to a maximum duration of 48 hours, for the purpose of loading, unloading or trip preparation.

F. Speed

Vehicle speeds (including residents, guests, vendors and contractors) shall not exceed the posted speed limits of the community.  If there is no posted speed limit on a street Colorado Springs city code 10.5.102 states that the speed limit is twenty-five (25) miles per hour.   Driving on grass and sidewalks is prohibited.

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