City Sidewalk Maintenance Information

City Sidewalk Maintenance Information

Peregrine residents enjoy walking, jogging, and visiting on our sidewalks. But who is responsible when they fall into disrepair? While the HOA and City own miles of sidewalks on main streets or common areas, homeowners are responsible for the sidewalks directly adjacent to their property. As sidewalks begin to deteriorate from weather, age, tree roots, and wear, it’s important that residents know their options for sidewalk replacement.

The City of Colorado Springs offers two options for the City to replace the sidewalk in front of a home. Both options can be viewed on their website Concrete Maintenance | Colorado Springs. A request can be made on this site for the City to inspect the sidewalk. They will give it a rating from high importance severity to low severity. Based on the rating, it is placed on a project list to complete. While individuals may be on this list for several years before replacement, the City will eventually complete this work.

Another option is the Concrete Cost Share Program from the City. Homeowners can sign up for this option here Concrete Maintenance | Colorado Springs. Only high-priority severity cases will be allowed on this list. In this program, the homeowner and the City split the cost of the sidewalk, but the case is expedited and completed in a shorter timeframe, determined by the City.

Homeowners can replace their own sidewalks as well, without the City’s involvement. Prior approval by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is always required. Complete the form found here Resources | Peregrine HOA prior to signing a contract for a new sidewalk.

For more information on the City’s sidewalk program or to place a sidewalk on the City’s list for repair, please contact Public Works Concrete Maintenance Program Concrete Maintenance | Colorado Springs or call (719) 385-5918 for more information.

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