Motorcycle Mayhem Progress Report

Motorcycle Mayhem Progress Report

Motorcycle Mayhem has echoed around Peregrine over the last 3 or 4 weeks and demanded a response from the Association.  The Safety and Security Committee members were at the forefront of responding to the calls from the community, and brought together CSPD and City Traffic Engineering into formal meetings within the last 2 weeks.

The first meeting was virtual, and the second in person at the CSPD Falcon Division (North West Colorado Springs) Police HQ.  CSPD Commander Tish Olszewski hosted the meeting, Chris Ausec, our Crime Prevention Officer and Todd Frisbie, the City Traffic Engineer, were in attendance.  Minutes of both meetings are available in the Safety & Security Committee Special Report.

The information gathered from the community, and the meeting minutes tell the story of the last few weeks where the Association and the Safety & Security Committee have been leading the charge to increase awareness of Motorcycle Mayhem with CSPD and explore solutions with both CSPD and City Traffic Engineering.  This information driven from across the Peregrine community has influenced the priorities of both CSPD and the City Traffic Engineer, evidenced by the increased CSPD patrols and the implementation of traffic calming measures later this summer.

The following documents have been shared with CSPD and City Traffic Engineering:

The Association will continue to liaise with CSPD and City Traffic Engineering over the summer months to keep Peregrine’s Motorcycle Mayhem challenges a priority.

There is a great deal of data to digest in the attachments.  Should you have any questions please contact us at

Andrew D Bird
President, Peregrine Master Association

DISCLAIMER:  The Peregrine Master Association (PMA) and its individual HOAs and sub-associations strive to inform and educate residents and property owners with respect to safety and security issues.  PMA’s educational efforts do not guarantee the safety and security of any resident’s or property owner’s person or property. It is highly recommended that each resident or property owner assess his or her specific safety and security posture and take measures that will enhance the quality of their safety and security.

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