Open Letter From Kathleen Krager, City Traffic Engineer

Open Letter From Kathleen Krager, City Traffic Engineer

Safety and Security is a core tenet of the Peregrine Master Association (PMA), and the Board has reaffirmed its commitment to the safety of pedestrians young and old, walking or running across W.Woodmen at the Orchard Valley intersection throughout the community discussion on the crosswalk/3-way stop.

Kathleen Krager, the City Traffic Engineer who made the decision to install the crosswalk, augmented with the 3-way stop to protect pedestrians, has sent the attached open letter to the residents and HOA’s in NW Colorado Springs for distribution in Peregrine by the Association.  Please take a moment to review her letter.  It clearly states her position and reminds us that there are a number of traffic safety measures being installed across the wider area NW of the Springs.


The Board continues its process review to determine which initiatives should be handled directly by the PMA Board and when we should look to the community for additional input.  As we explore this question, it’s surprisingly complex to standardize and there is no quick fix.  Transparency continues to improve, is measurable, and we will strive to open the window to as much information as reasonable, limited by privacy, confidentiality and resources.  Our timetable has moved out, and our new goal is to review this process over the holiday period and present our recommendations at the Annual meeting on January 16th at the Mt. St. Francis Auditorium.

In mid-2019 the Community Survey will be taken, 2 years from the 2017 Survey that provided invaluable input, much of which has been actionable and implemented.  In this year’s survey we will be measuring improvements, and include a number of additional survey questions asking for input from homeowners to determine what’s important to maintain property values over the next 2, 5, 10 years, to prioritize the organizational and investment opportunities.

Happy Holidays,

Andrew D Bird
President, Peregrine Master Association

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