Peregrine Newsletter – December 2021

Peregrine Newsletter – December 2021

Peregrine Newsletter – December 2021

Welcome to our December 2021 Peregrine Newsletter! Our goal is to provide general neighborhood information and updates that will help build our Peregrine community.

In this newsletter you will find:
– Board of Directors Vacancy – 1 position available
– Board of Directors – Appreciation of service
– Landscaping Projects – 2022 approved projects
– Safety & Security – Securing garbage totes
– 2022 Board Meetings – Next meeting on Feb. 9
– Upcoming Important Dates

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Peregrine Board of Directors
1-year term vacancy
We currently have a vacancy on the Peregrine Board of Directors. This position was vacated by Andrew Bird and there is one year left in this term (2022).Please consider joining the current Board as we strive for continuous improvement in our community:

President – Kristen Petersen
Vice President – Michelle McArthur
Treasurer – David Fulton
Secretary – Lindsay Fenton
Director At Large – Steve Garcia
Director At Large – Brad Helton
Director At Large – TBD

We are currently accepting Board Applications through Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022. Per the Peregrine Master Association bylaws, when a position is vacated outside of an election cycle, a board member can be appointed by a majority vote of the current board. Our plan is to accept applications until Jan. 9, 2022. Once we have received applications, we will interview each candidate and make a decision in time for the Feb. 9, 2022 Board meeting.

Please consider being involved in our community and serving your neighbors on the Peregrine Board of Directors. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this position further, please contact any board member on our Contact Us page.

Peregrine Board of Directors
Appreciation of service

Following the Nov. 17, 2021 annual meeting, Peregrine Master Association Board President Andrew Bird resigned from the board and is no longer a member. The community and the current Board thank Mr. Bird for his five years of service. During his tenure, the community made substantial investments in landscaping, website development, branding, and contract negotiation for the neighborhood. He has worked with countless vendors and handled several key issues pertaining to the greater needs of Peregrine. The community is grateful for Mr. Bird’s service.

Please join us in thanking Andrew Bird for his time and commitment in maintaining Peregrine as a Premiere Mountainside Community.

Landscaping & Infrastructure Committee
2022 Projects Approved
At the October board meeting, several landscaping projects were reviewed and approved for completion in 2022. Specifically, the projects will address some much needed rejuvenation at the corners of Ruststone Court, Heartland Way and Needlegrass Lane. 

Ruststone Court – Install rock between curb and sidewalk from utility box west of Ruststone Court down to the intersection of Ruststone and W. Woodmen, to include the corner triangle. Rock will match the existing rock on the southeast corner.

Heartland Way – Install rock between curb and sidewalk from utility box west of Heartland Way to the corner, to include the corner triangle. Rock will match the existing rock on the southeast corner. Additionally, we will renovate the existing landscaping on the southwest corner and install 40 feet of retaining stone to preclude erosion at the corner of Heartland Way and W. Woodmen.

Needlegrass Lane – Install rock between the curb and sidewalk approximately 20 feet west of Needlegrass Lane to include the corner triangle. Also install 60 feet of rock retaining wall around the upper west corner of Needlegrass, refurbish the east corner and install rock from the corner to the east approximately 20 feet.

These updates will provide a much-needed revival to these landscaped corners along W. Woodmen Road and continue to make Peregrine beautiful throughout.

Safety & Security Update
Securing your garbage totes

As you all know well, we have days with extreme wind in Peregrine. And as luck would have it, they always seem to occur on Mondays…garbage day!

You may think your garbage is fine when you leave for work in the morning. But, it doesn’t take much wind to blow off the top of your tote and spread your garbage all over the street and neighborhood for everyone to see. Thankfully we have great neighbors and wonderful garbage service workers that will clean up after small issues. But, please don’t place that burden on your neighbors.

We kindly ask (and require in our covenants) that you always secure the tops of your totes with a bungee cord. These can easily be purchased at any home improvement store for less than $1. We have negotiated with GFL that they will take the time to unlatch the cords to remove our trash so that we can secure our lids on harsh weather days.

If you need any assistance on how to install these, please reach out to any board member as we are happy to help. Please do your part in keeping Peregrine clean and free of trash.

Peregrine Board Meetings
Taking part in your community

We have announced the dates for the 2022 Peregrine Board MeetingsBoard Meetings are typically held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. Board Meetings are held at Fire Station 18 at 6830 Hadler View, behind Walgreens near the intersection of Centennial Blvd and Flying W Ranch Road.

In 2022 the Board Meetings are scheduled on Feb. 9, Mar. 9, Apr. 13, May. 11, June 8, July 13, Aug. 10, Sept 7 and Oct 5. Please verify the meeting time/date for all months on the published agenda emailed several days before each meeting.

The Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 6 p.m. at the Auditorium at St. Francis (7665 Assisi Heights).

We encourage you to attend these meetings and listen to the current issues of the neighborhood. We post the agenda prior to each meeting and the meeting minutes afterwards on our Board Meeting page. We welcome your attendance and participation in our governance.

Upcoming Dates/Information
Save the Date

– Jan. 1, 2022 – Annual Association Assessments due. These were mailed to all residents on Dec. 1. Please contact Kristie McKitterick ( / 719-593-9811) at Balanced Bookkeeping with any questions.
– Feb. 9, 2022 – February Board Meeting – 6 p.m. – Fire Station 18 Community Room – 6830 Hadler View

See all Peregrine Events here

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