Peregrine Video – Our Value Promise

The Peregrine Master Association is transforming to sharpen our focus on changing neighborhood demographics, the maturity of Peregrine’s infrastructure and the demands of sustaining our premier mountainside community.  Communications, security, compliance & inclusivity across Peregrine are core components of our transformation.

The Peregrine Value Promise video at illustrates a broad picture of what the Association delivers to residents, and what you can expect from your Association.

Building a community is the central tenet that drives the Peregrine Master Association.  You’ll notice the introduction of “Peregrine Proud” in the video.  It’s an evolving initiative where all residents work together to improve Peregrine.  This includes community pride in individual homes, streets, neighborhoods and ultimately our entire community.

We hope that you enjoy the video and find it both informational and useful.


Andrew D Bird
President, Peregrine Master Association

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