Spring Fire Mitigation

Spring Fire Mitigation

Spring is just around the corner!! That means sunshine, blue skies and warm weather. As we prepare for the much-anticipated spring and summer months, there are a few fire mitigation topics to consider. One of the main safety issues that faces our community is the threat of wildfire. Last summer was a record setting year for total acres burned within our state, along with unprecedented fire growth and erratic fire behavior. We are anticipating this year to be much of the same. Given that our community is nestled on the foothills within the wildland urban interface, Peregrine is not immune to wildfire events. We are asking all homeowners to assess your property for potential threats and look for ways to mitigate your property.


The Colorado Springs Fire Department will be offering two chipping events this year. The first event is the week of May 17th and the second will be the week of Sept 20th.


In order to participate, you must meet certain requirements and follow the guidelines set forth by CSFD. To learn about these requirements and to register your address, go to Neighborhood Chipping Program.


If you are unsure of what wildfire issues to look for or how to participate in the chipping program, please call Adam Wisely with the Colorado Springs Fire Department at 719-385-7368. They are willing to set an appointment for a free onsite consultation. This is a great service to consider to make sure you are following the guidelines and to ensure they are able to collect your chipping piles.


Another fire safety topic to consider is fire hydrants. Did you know that the City of Colorado Springs has over 19,000 fire hydrants on the city water system? They are maintained once every five years. Do you know where the closest fire hydrant is to your home? If not, take a look and find the closest one. Ensure that there is a minimum of 3 feet of clearance around the hydrant. If you notice damage, please contact Colorado Springs Utilities at 719-448-4800. As a friendly reminder, the hydrants are painted in a specific color to coordinate with expected water flow. This will give the fire department a good indicator of how much water the hydrant is able to produce. Do not change the color scheme on the fire hydrants. 


These are just a few small items that can go a long way in the event of a fire emergency. We hope to see you all very soon and enjoy the nicer weather!


Steve Garcia, Safety & Security Committee Lead

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