Updated Rules and Regulations: Artificial Turf Guidelines and Vehicle Covers

Updated Rules and Regulations: Artificial Turf Guidelines and Vehicle Covers

Dear Peregrine Owner,

Questions and feedback from our community often raise issues that need clarification as Peregrine evolves.  The Board has moved to address two issues that have been highlighted in the last 6 months and has approved additions to the existing Rules and Regulations. These additions are described below:

     1.  Landscaping Standards & Guidelines: Section IV. Under (B) Guidelines

Artificial Turf Guidelines:

Any lot in the community is limited to a maximum of 70% coverage in total
using artificial turf (for the front, sides and rear).  The areas for possible
installation are for any existing “developed” landscaped areas on the lot; whether
existing turf, mulch beds, rock beds, islands, etc.  All owners must submit an
ARC request prior to installation and receive approval before beginning any
work.  The request should include the following:

  • A sample of the product including model name and style
  • Complete product specification sheet from the manufacturer
  • The manufacturer’s warranty on the product being submitted
  • Photo(s) of the area to be covered by the artificial grass
  • Proper drainage plan if required
  • Photo(s) of proximity areas as well as description of the method of installation

General Guidelines:

A.  The design plan must incorporate natural curved boundaries where possible
(avoid squares, rectangles, etc., except where the turf may abut the driveway or
sidewalk).  The turf may not be installed directly up to the foundation of the
home, there must be a border of rock or mulch to separate the turf.  The
artificial grass product must be made of Polyethylene and have a minimum face
weight of 50 oz. with a 20 oz. weight permanent backing.
B.  The color must be like the geographical area, as a blended, multi-color
monofilament fiber and a minimum pile height of 1.5 inches.
C.  Front yard areas must retain a minimum of 30% of overall square footage as
organic plant material such as planter beds, rock beds, mulch beds, bushes,
shrubs, etc.
D.  Professional installation is required and must include a weed barrier and a
properly prepared aggregate base for drainage. An infill system is required.
E.   Artificial grass must be cleaned as necessary and periodically groomed to
maintain its appearance.
F.   The owner will inspect the turf annually after the expiration of the warranty
period to ensure the aesthetic properties are maintained. The Association may
require replacement if there are signs of damage, lifting, unevenness, worn
areas, fading, deterioration, etc.

     2.  Parking and Vehicles: Section VIII. Under (D) Vehicle Covers adds a specific
clarification on acceptable vehicle covers:

Covers are permitted which are specifically designed for outdoor use and are vehicle
model specific. They cannot be a bright or harsh contrasting color and the cover may
not display any logo, symbol, banner, brand, manufacturer, etc.  If the cover prevents
the view of the front or rear license plates, the owner may be required to provide
verification that the vehicle registration is current.  Any covers must be kept in a clean
and serviceable condition.  Installing a vehicle cover does not allow the parking of a
vehicle off the driveway on any landscaped areas or permit other long-term storage in
violation of other provisions in these Rules.

These governing documents have been updated and are available to view or download at https://peregrinehoa.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Rules-Regulations-October-2018.pdf

Your Peregrine Board Members

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