Fall and Winter Guidelines

Fall and Winter Guidelines

Fall & Winter Guidelines that protect the Yard over the Winter Months


Aerate – This helps breaks up the compacted soil and allows for water, snow and nutrients to penetrate the turf root system.

Fertilize – You can purchase a fall fertilizer and some brands also include a weed-free additive to help keep the weeds under control.

Pruning – It’s important to prune certain shrub and leafy tree species during their dormant season and it’s the best time to prune overgrown Evergreen and Spruce trees. Don’t forget to check your sidewalks and ensure they are free from overhanging branches.

Fall and Winter Tree Watering – If you have any stressed and/or struggling trees on your lot, winter watering is a very successful tool to help ensure those trees survive and thrive in the spring. Be sure to water safely during the fall and winter months. Be sure to only use water outside when the temperature is safely above freezing. Prior to any freezing weather, water the ground for any tree, shrub or plant 24 hours before as this will give the roots a chance to soak up the water. Remember, only water the ground as watering the foliage can cause frost damage. Your trees should be watered about every three to four weeks, if temperatures are above freezing. Trees should be watered ten gallons for every inch of diameter in the tree – one watering cycle every two weeks. Shrubs should be watered once every two weeks during the winter.

Sprinkler System Winterization – All irrigation systems need winterization protection as the weather turns cold. Make sure your irrigation system is properly cleared of water, turned off and protected from freezing temperatures (this includes the underground lines, valves and the backflow).

General Lawn Care – The fall is a really good time to spread mulch as it will help protect the roots from wear and tear and will also help retain the moisture during the winter. It also makes your mulch beds look fresh through the winter.

If you have any newer plant material, it’s a good idea to cover less stable shrubs and bushes with burlap to help protect them from snow, ice and strong winds.

Turf Winter Watering – You may have already blown out and winterized your sprinklers and have not watered the lawn since. With the generally dry winters in Peregrine and southern facing lawn areas, winter kill is very prevalent.  “How much do I water”? Here is a general guideline: between 50 and 70 degrees, water twice per week. If it’s between 40 and 60 degrees water once per week. If it’s consistently below 50 degrees, water every 10 to 14 days if we get less than 6” of snow.

Derek Patterson, Peregrine Property Manager


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