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Motorcycle Mayhem Progress Report

Motorcycle Mayhem has echoed around Peregrine over the last 3 or 4 weeks and demanded a response from the Association.  The Safety and Security Committee members were at the forefront of responding to the calls from the community, and brought together CSPD and City Traffic Engineering into formal meetings within the last 2 weeks. The first meeting was virtual, and

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Fall and Winter Guidelines

Fall & Winter Guidelines that protect the Yard over the Winter Months   Aerate – This helps breaks up the compacted soil and allows for water, snow and nutrients to penetrate the turf root system. Fertilize – You can purchase a fall fertilizer and some brands also include a weed-free additive to help keep the weeds under control. Pruning – It’s important to

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Update – City Traffic Engineer On 3-Way Stop

An update from the Colorado Springs Traffic Engineering Department: After an internal review, the City Traffic Engineering Department has seen that the installed signage at the Orchard Valley/W. Woodmen Rd has indeed reduced traffic speeds making the intersection safer for both vehicles and pedestrians.  As a result, the City has decided not to pursue additional signage at the Orchard Valley/Centennial

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Open Letter From Kathleen Krager, City Traffic Engineer

Safety and Security is a core tenet of the Peregrine Master Association (PMA), and the Board has reaffirmed its commitment to the safety of pedestrians young and old, walking or running across W.Woodmen at the Orchard Valley intersection throughout the community discussion on the crosswalk/3-way stop. Kathleen Krager, the City Traffic Engineer who made the decision to install the crosswalk,

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Peregrine Video – Our Value Promise

The Peregrine Master Association is transforming to sharpen our focus on changing neighborhood demographics, the maturity of Peregrine’s infrastructure and the demands of sustaining our premier mountainside community.  Communications, security, compliance & inclusivity across Peregrine are core components of our transformation. The Peregrine Value Promise video at illustrates a broad picture of what the Association delivers to residents, and what you can

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Updated Rules and Regulations: Artificial Turf Guidelines and Vehicle Covers

Dear Peregrine Owner, Questions and feedback from our community often raise issues that need clarification as Peregrine evolves.  The Board has moved to address two issues that have been highlighted in the last 6 months and has approved additions to the existing Rules and Regulations. These additions are described below:      1.  Landscaping Standards & Guidelines: Section IV. Under

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Improved Traffic Safety for Peregrine

Improved Traffic Safety for Peregrine Dear Residents of Peregrine: After many months/years of discussion with the City, the PMA Board of Directors is pleased to announce planned traffic safety improvements to Peregrine and neighboring streets.  These improvements are a result of our recent meeting with Ms. Kathleen Krager, Manager of the Colorado Springs Traffic Engineering Department, and are as follows:

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